Why you need timely, accurate accounting.

Having timely, accurate accounting information is essential to running a healthy business.  As I progress through my business career and interact with lots of “business” people, I’m noticing a scary trend.  Many business owners do not see the need to ...[Read More]

Thinking about e-filing?

Many of our clients have always filed their tax returns using the old-fashioned, tried and true method of paper returns, mailed in to IRS, LDR or another taxing authority. Some feel that there is added security filing this way. Every year we hear of ...[Read More]

CPAs don’t blog, right?

You’re right, when most people describe their CPA the word “blogger” generally does not come to mind.  Maybe “number cruncher” or “bean counter,” but rarely “blogger.” Well, our goal at Prejean Romero McGee (PRM) is to work outside of the so-called “ ...[Read More]