You’re right, when most people describe their CPA the word “blogger” generally does not come to mind.  Maybe “number cruncher” or “bean counter,” but rarely “blogger.”

Well, our goal at Prejean Romero McGee (PRM) is to work outside of the so-called “CPA box” so welcome to our blog!

We believe a blog goes hand in hand with our culture of innovation and continual growth.  Our goal in blogging is to provide timely and useful tax information to the general public.  We will answer questions frequently received from clients, business associates and friends relating to tax matters simple and complex.

At PRM continuous improvement is a constant pursuit.  Whether it is ongoing continuing education, the latest technologies or superior staff, we always strive to advance in order to best serve our clients.

Cheers to a prosperous new year.  We look forward to receiving blog questions and topic suggestions from you.  Please submit to