Many of our clients have always filed their tax returns using the old-fashioned, tried and true method of paper returns, mailed in to IRS, LDR or another taxing authority. Some feel that there is added security filing this way.

Every year we hear of massive data breaches and we are all concerned about identity theft. Recent highly visible attacks on Anthem Health, Sony Pictures and the Pentagon Twitter account have us questioning whether our personal data sent over the Internet is safe.

IRS gives us the top 5 reasons for switching to e-filing this year:

1) It’s accurate and easy.
2) There are convenient options.
3) It’s safe and secure.
4) Refunds are processed and issued faster.
5) It allows payment flexibility.

You still have a choice. If your comfort level is higher filing your returns on paper, that’s your option. We still offer the preparation of paper returns for mailing.

PRM offers you the option of filing electronically through our software provider’s secure network. We can get prompt notification of the receipt and acceptance of an e-fiiled return. It could take as long as 6 weeks before we are able to follow up on a paper filed return.

We are here to explain the process or to facilitate your return filings. Call us at PRM with any questions or concerns at 337-406-1099.